Uniique - brief review

What a pretty looking site, is that all your own art work?
I see what you mean by the BT Tradespace shop. I guess that is something that you can work around if (or when) the site becomes more successful and invest some time and money to bring it on site.
How do you find the Google site, I have a feeling that you may find it a bit limiting if you expand further, but then your can cross that bridge when you get to it, getting out there first is the most important this, so well done there.
One thing I would recommend is thinking of who your customer is and how they are going to search for you.
If it is through passing a link or a physical business card to them then you don't really need to worry about much of the technicalities behind the scenes (but you still will need to a bit).
If however you expect them to search through Google and find your site organically then you will need to have a look at how your site is constructed. There is so much to go through that I wouldn't be able to cover it in one email. But before you continue have a big think about if this is the right channel for you. Are you determined to build a brand or just sell things, if it is just sell things then why not just use e-bay. Not as exciting but may make more business sense.
If you do want to build a brand and expect to get organic clicks and/or Adwords links to your site then you have to work so damn hard at it.
Still here ???
OK one of the area I work in is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), This is using tools and techniques to make a website friendlier for a search engine to find and direct to the right searches.
Now any site is easy to knock and can be improved so don't take any points personally. I can find many faults in my own sites that need to be improved. Anyway.....
First thing I would tell anyone who already has a site is to download SEO quake onto a Firefox or google chrome web browser, but not available on internet explorer. This will give you a good first impression of how your site ranks with Google and other search engines.
SEO is so important to you as it is used in both organic and AdWords searches, so the best you match your landing page to the keywords the better. (http://www.acvita.com/seo-from-the-experts.aspx)
If you have  a look at www.uniique.co.uk through SEO Quake on Firefox at the moment, it returns almost nothing, and this is basically what the search engines will see - Nothing. as the words on your home page are from an image the search engines have nothing to go on, the metatags are empty, the only way traffic will get to your site is through direct links rather than searches. This is not the end of the world but well worth considering.
You are at a great stage, in that you are still building. So write down the keywords or phrases that you would hope a search engine would use to point a customer to your site. Now build these into your site. Not too heavily, don't fill the metatag Keyword or content with the phrase "special gifts" repeated 500 times.
I would even think about changing the name of the site as this is a big factor in Google searches. Uniique is a great name, but first of all there is a .com version that may steal traffic from you, secondly to a search engine it means nothing uniique-gifts.com or SpecialUniqueGifts.com means a bit more. If not make sure that you have a link like www.uniique.co.uk/melting-Clock , Thirdly why didn't I get my mail sent by eva@uniique.co.uk, you've bought the domain name so use it. Again I can knock the names of my sites likewise, but one of my sites www.53rdCroydon.org.uk has only been live for a few weeks but will obviously be no.1 if you search for "53rd Croydon" in Google which is exactly what we want.
If you are looking for AdWords, there is so much to them, I have about 3000 ads at the moment each with a variable price updated daily and some just targeting a couple of local towns. I have a few links to get you started on my site at http://www.acvita.com/adwords.aspx let me know if and when you want more info on this subject it could save you loads of money. One day in May I had a really successful campaign and had 500 clicks in a day. I then realised 80% were from China and I had lost a small fortune, you live and learn. I've made many similar mistakes doing this, so the painful lessons and other research I now know loads about AdWords and can set myself up as an AdWords Client Centre Manager. you never know where this will take you.
Anyway happy to have a bit more of a chat whilst waiting for science club or football if you like.
Kind Regards